Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fourth of July To My Pet Pals ! (Fireworks=Hide)

Happy Fourth of July to everyone, especially my pals Hoss, Jeffy,  Junior, Lady, Lilly, Misty, Molly, Neo, Nino, Piper, Rikki, Riley, Sera, Susie, Xena and all the other pet friends that what's-his-name can't remember.

Quite a few of my animal friends have passed over the Rainbow Bridge including Possum S. Hemmingway. You may be gone, but you are, and always will be, in our hearts.

I would also be remiss not to mention the countless animal lovers who allow us to share our lives with them and their lives with us. God bless you all.

I would especially like to mention my reincarnated friend, Sandra Gato Perrov (nee Gatov) for her doting, loving and never ending attention to pets and animals. 

I have to remember my friend, Paula and her moo-cows and turtles. Also a love shout out to my Uncle Tom and Aunt Michelle from Samantha.

Have a great holiday and remember, fireworks and animals don't mix.

Samantha and Possum.