Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

A Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my friends and furballs. The smell of turkey is wafting through the halls but I'll bet Scooter and I are getting turkey cat food, unless you-know-who feels generous. I hope Scooter behaves himself so that we get some table turkey. 

Speaking of Scooter, he's growing and with his size and youth, he is a pain. What's-his-name calls him "Destructo" and rightfully so, 'cause the little shit breaks everything. Fortunately, I don't get any blame. Although I kinda like him, he always wants to play. The only peace I get is when he sleeps.

Thankfully, he'll soon be taking a trip to the vet and maybe he'll slow the pace when he goes to lick himself and finds parts missing.

I have been remiss in posting because the new kid takes up everyone's time. Hopefully, I can get back at it after "Destructo's" trip to the vet.

That's it for now. I hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving meal and I hope everyone gets a drumstick.