Thursday, June 2, 2016

It's My Toy

I must admit that I've been remiss in attending my journal. You-know-who has been obsessed with his new toys which were given to him for his birthday by Luly and Sandra. These toys were meant for ME and HE decides when we play with them.

The headline picture is the cat's paw Sandra bought pour moi. It moves and makes meow sounds, obviously meant for a cat. Obviously some people can't tell the difference

The main reason I wanted to post today was to say hello to all my Facebook family, friends and furballs. What's-his-name is always on the computer and I rarely get to use it. I tried to trick him by sleeping on the keyboard hoping he'd fall asleep in his recliner, but he woke up when he heard me login.

For those of you who subscribe or follow Possum's Journal on Facebook, please send me pics of your pets. You can post them on my Facebook blog and I'll be sure to add them.

Of course, the Black Cat group are of utmost importance to me since I am, indeed, black. I mean not like Obama, as his pedigree is questionable, at best.

So there you have it my furry little friends. You can also follow me on Facebook by clicking "Follow This Blog" on the Network Blogs app in the upper right of the page. I will try to post more often.



jack69 said...

Thank for the update Samantha, tell what's his name to play fair! ;-)

Paula said...

Okay Jimmy share that computer. I sure miss Susie but we have a guest who gave birth to four cuties. Wild as March Hares but cute.