Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From Possum S. Hemmingway

Far be it from me not celebrate Thanksgiving with my feline family and friends. It's been years since I left the litter and ventured out on my own. But, I have fond memories of Mom and I do appreciate the fact that the reason I exist is because of that time when Mom was eating out of a tuna can and let her guard down. Thanks for stopping by Pop, wherever you are.

Along the way, I adopted a human friend and we've been pals ever since. I know I've spoiled him somewhat but old what's-his-name takes pretty good care of me as well. Fortunately, when things sometimes get out of hand, I can email my pal Linda in Washinton State and she can voice my complaints.

Nevertheless. life is good and for that same reason, I'd like to wish all of my readers, family and friends a Happy Thanksgiving. Take the time today to say "I love you" to those that are near to you and remember your animal friends, as well.

On a similar note I have checked with all of the etiquette sites on the Internet and it is considered proper to slip your animal friends a little piece of turkey under the table during this time of the year. My veterinarian friends also are in agreement that this is not harmful.

That's it for now. More soon.

Stray Tuned ! 


Linda's World said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too dear Possum. Be sure and let me know how the day goes with "old what's his name." If it doesn't go well, you can activate Plan B. Let me know, ok? Your friend and partner in crime~Linda in Washington state

REGINA said...

oh possum (pun intended)i have missed you so much. my human lets me check for updates from you from time to time, and nothing. it saddened me quite a bit, but not enough to stop eating. i hope you were slipped quite a bit of turkey under the table, or rather yet, got to sit AT the table this year. i got bits of roast beef that my human fixed for the thanksgiving meal. but i had filled up a good bit on unsalted cracker corners awhile earlier, so didn't eat much. me ant THAT OTHER CAT (AVI) got our own can of food earlier in the am (around 4am) while the human was cooking for the male human. i wanted to say that i thought the photo you used at the start of this blog was sorta funny....turkeys eating turkey.....i sorta explected some human pieces on the plate lol. i hope you had a great day, and remember, your human is getting old, so be easy on him. bye for now........coatie.

Paula said...

Hi Possum: Hope you day was good with lots of your favorite cat food. My humans left me alone allll day but guess I will forgive them as they gave me soft food when they came home. Your friend Susie

Paula said...

Hi Possum: Hope your day was a nice one with all your favorite cat food. My humans left me alone allll day but guess I will forgive them as they gave me soft food when they came home. Your friend, Susie

salemslot9 said...

happy belated thanksgiving

i luff u Possum