Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Remember The Vets - Except The One That Neutered Me !

My normal definition of the word "Vet" has a special stigma attached to it. My first encounter with a "Vet" resulted in having a needle stuck into me under the guise of "medicine", having a probe inserted into my south end as I was heading north under the guise of a word referred to as "temperature" and then quietly watching the room grow dim. When I awoke, there were parts of my anatomy that were no longer attached and I sang in a much higher tone than in the past.

Although my first encounter with a "Vet" was a traumatic experience, I have since learned that there is another kind of "Vet' that is much more honorable. I refer to the men and women of the armed forces who have fought and defended out freedom since America became a nation. I might also add that there have been many faithful animals wha have also been a big part of America's defense.

Today is Veterans Day and there's no better time than right now to take the time to reflect and praise the men and women who have defended and will continue to defend and serve this great nation.You can also read a tribute to Veterans on Jimmy's Journal - TheOriginal by clicking the link below. http://jimmysjournal-theoriginal.blogspot.com/

Stray Tuned !


garnett109 said...

Possum I forgot about the sevice animals during war time including the spam animal that gave it's life to feed the troops!

Happy Veterans Day!

Paula said...

Very nice entry. Be thankful you saw one vet and now don't have to be responsible for any little Possums.

Linda's World said...

I agree with Paula, instead of whinning about your little surgery you should be thankful that your pet Jimmy, thought to have that procedure done, so there would be no kitten paternity law suits coming your way. Besides, Gabi says her surgery was worse than yours !!!!! But we are all thankful for your buddy Jimmy and the others that have faithfully served our country. Great entry PSH !! Linda & Gabi in Washington state

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

DDeaRr Posussum. Me hyumnan cchopped me's of 2. Me havbve plan. fmail me. Sheeba.

natalie said...

POssum I love the way you say things!
love and hugs,nataliexxoox

Sherry said...

I loved this entry and I salute the vet's

Martha said...

So tell me, what was Jimmy up to last night? I know it was Area 51 night! Always trouble ;-)

natalie said...

Dear Possum, hi there you dreamboat!
Please would you ask to log on to
Joann's Journal at: http://joannsnewweightlossjournal.blogspt.com
See if Jimmy can figure out why Joann does not get a comment section and why it's hard to subscribe. Tell Jimmy it's pretty lady! :)

natalie said...

hiya Possum!
congratulations with your love slave's award!
and eat lots of turkey for me ok?

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