Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's In A Name?

I have issues with some of the names that are being selected for babies today. It seems that too many parents have either not considered the future ramifications of these names or, more likely, have a combined I.Q. of 60.
Some names come purely from the parents' inabilty to spell correctly, thus names like Antwan (for Antoine) abound. Names like Shalika, Sasquatchia, Plaxico, Lexus, Xerox, Tayshaun, JaMarkus, Da'quarius, Tavonda and Jaleel come from some of the more inventive minds. Twins Orangelo and Lemongelo (read orange jello and lemon jello) stem from the parents inability to come up with a "cool" name and the local Winn-Dixie helped them solve their problem.
Even some super stars have come up with some real winners, but I suspect that money breeds money and names like Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow), Ever (Milla Jovovich), Story (Jenna Elfman), and Prince Michael I and II (Michael Jackson)will not seriously harm the children, with the exception of Michael Jackson, who is a traumatic experience in and of himself.
I am unsure where the traditional boys' names such as Michael, James, Daniel, and Mark, along with traditional girls' names such as Ruth, Mary, Anne and Linda became out of favor. Moreover, what ever happened to traditional names like Willie Lee, Johnny Lee, Bobby Lee, Roosevelt, Franklin and Tyrone?
Then again, what idiot would stick his handsome, faithful and loving cat with the nickname of Shithead? But, that's just me.
Stray Tuned !


garnett109 said...

I like the stripper names like porche, amber and gonorrhea

Rose said...

I can't believe I'm responding to a blog that is owned by a CAT! lol

Hugs, Rose

You don't have the word security on this site but you do have it on your other site.

Tressa Bailey said...

Y'know...you have a point amidst your humor there. It's the kid that has to live with it....I should know. Back in the mid 60's when I started school *Tressa* was weird! I endured awful teasing. When I had kids, I gave them classic names...Richard, Cecelia and Walter. Of course all my animals have had different names...my favorite was *Wut* the cat. I loved going out back in my less than Park Avenue neighborhood and calling for the cat...I would hollar *Wut! Wut!!!!!* and my neighbors thought I was insane. It was beautiful.

Jude said...

Personally, I think Shithead is a perfectly suitable name for a cat. Although the last animal I had nicknamed Shithead, was a dog.

salemslot9 said...

your middle name
probably came in part
by your coloring