Thursday, October 16, 2008

Who In The Hell Is Joe The Plumber And Why Doesn't He Pump The Bullshit Out Of The Presidential Political Toilet?

The presidential candidate names, Barrack Hussein Obama and John McCain, spew from the mouths of the biased media so often that I get the urge to stick a sharp pencil in my ear. Now, the children have learned new words.... "ACORN" and "Joe the plumber." Ok, I can understand the constantly used "ACORN" since it's being investigated in thirteen states for fraudulent voter registrations, but now I've got to listen to "Joe the plumber."

The media today were all over this phrase on every channel imaginable and the hypocrisy of it all makes me crazy. Since I don't like waiting until 5:00 every day for the "legitimate" news, I listen to cable news to keep up with the daily events. I usually switch back and forth between Obama's political whore, CNN, or McCain's political whore, FOX News.

The main topic today (other than hyping their individual candidate) was the frequency of the use of the phrase "Joe the plumber" in last night's presidential debate. Depending on which channel you watched today, the count was between 24 and 26 times. The hypocrisy of it all is that the cable news channels did the same thing, repeating "Joe the plumber" so many times that their total use of the phrase far exceeded the use by the two candidates.

So, not to be outdone by the likes of the so called cable "news" programs, I decided that I, too, can be just as hypocritical and repeat the phrase "Joe the plumber" just one more time. As a side note, you can bet your sweet ass that neither Obama nor McCain give a damn about "Joe the plumber." I think that it is basically the same as kissing the proverbial baby in the crowd for a photo-op, except in Joe's case, his occupation allows for swift clean-up of the political sewage that comes from the mouths of Obama and McCain, but, that's just me!

Stray Tuned !


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

That whole story just "cracks" me up :o)

Jude said...

Even Joe the plumber is enjoying this, although I didn't think it was cool that someone had the nerve to look up his tax records.

garnett109 said...

They already have joe the plumber t-shirts out on the net!

Rose said...

Oh my.........not Joe the plumber crap again! LOL


Solitary Dancer said...

My first visit to Possum's place. So glad I popped by. Love it!


Paula said...

Joe the plumber has become quite the popular man. Guess he can retire and write a book now.